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Keeping temperatures without wind break, conversion surge or expensive technology

In large department stores with automatically opening doors, you will surely know the ventilation systems that blow warm air directly at you when you enter from below. Those who do not want to afford the installation of such veil systems or do not obtain planning permission for a wind trap can stabilize the temperature in the interior cost-effectively with a thermal curtain.

With a thermal curtain made of felt, velvet, polyester, fleece or chenille, heat and cold in the area of the windows can be reliably kept away in living rooms and bedrooms as well as in the motorhome. At the same time, you enjoy good visual protection, so that your privacy is preserved.

But not only on windows of all kinds, but also in the entrance area of apartments, restaurants or small shops, thermal curtains made of felt are a great solution to avoid draughts. Wherever customers often go in and out, icy air quickly flows into the dining room or sales room in winter when the door is open.

Thermal curtains are particularly suitable to save you on heating costs and to save your customers and guests in a pleasant climate. Because a heavy curtain can be attached with curtain rods in a round version like a small changing room inside the dining room.

When comparing the thermal curtain tests, we found that you should attach particular importance to the type of installation. Because with loops and eyelets in combination with curtain rods or rope systems, the distance to the ceiling is relatively high, so that cold air flows in exactly there. The advantages of the curtain box:


protects up to the ceiling

reduces draughts the most

can be opened and closed well


trickier in attachment

If you prefer visual and sun protection, the type of installation plays a less important role. But when protecting against draughts in the old building or an entrance door in winter, we recommend curtain rolls, which are mounted in a running rail at the very top of the ceiling.

Experts speak of a thermal curtain with a crippled band, which only affects the type of wrinkle slicing. A thermal curtain with a crippled band can be used in a variety of ways to conjure up either many wrinkles or just a few waves in the curtains.

If you want to darken a room reliably, then you will get to know the difference between "darkening" and "sight proof" in advance. Because in blackout curtains a black thread is used, which does not let light shine through. If you have to sleep in the bright day due to shift work or other reasons, you should choose a blackout.

High-density curtains still let light through, but reliably keep the neighbors' eyes away.

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